Napoli Throwdown





NapoliThrowdown 2020 comes back after 3 years since its first edition.
New location with a new look but same vibes.
NapoliThrowdown 2020 will take place at the Palavesuvio sport centre, Napoli ( IT ) from May 9 th- 10 th
NapoliThrowdown 2020 is set in 2 phases:
on line qualification phase
the final phase, on the competition floor
The online qualification gives you access to the final phase. The final phase is set into 2 competion days.

First day:
all qualified partecipants will perform
3 wods that will allow them to qualify
on the second day of competion.

Second day:
this is the day of the first cut and only the best athletes will be admit to the Final.

Elite 60 M 45 W
Master35 20 M 15 W
Master40 20 M 15 W
Master45 15 M 15 W
Master50+ 15 M 10 W
Scaled 30 M 20 W
Team 15 MW